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Leo Kondra

Greig's focus on serving just Coaches gives me a perspective and edge that other marketers don't have. His organic marketing strategies got me my first 7 clients in 30 days


Chinara Jackson

I didn't get at first how my life story could be my marketing message on LinkedIn and Facebook but I trusted Greig's previous results and now I am filling my workshops regulary following his process, it worked for me and can work for anyone!


Rob Hite

Before Greig I had to do everything to get clients for my marketing agency the selling, the marketing, the delivery but now I follow Greig's system to get clients into our workshop and then they often become high ticket clients of our marketing agency services


Marc Donovan

Trust in Greig, let him 'captain the ship', and you will benefit from the many years of his high level expertise and experience helping coaches with online lead generation of QUALIFIED leads because his story based nurtuing approach gets them liking you and trusting you so they turn into paying clients


David Galen

I was feeling pretty confident about my social media knowledge but then Greig showed me how to take the relationship to another level without having to spend months or make lots of content and we already have results in our first month using his system


Stephane Grandgirad

Greig is an amazing and inspiring coach. He is like getting Tony Robbins and Russell Brunson rolled into one person who actually spends time with you and enjoys his work and treats everyone like friends and family. I learned so much just from how Greig markets to me and now I do what he does.


Paul Thusius

Greig Wells is an inspiring speaker and trainer whose expertise is online marketing for coaches . He helped me land my first client using LinkedIn in my first month working with him after I had been dabbling in coaching for years getting nowhere other than referrals


Andrew Meyer

I had no idea how many steps I was missing in the lead generation process. Greig has a well oiled system and process and now we have a consistent flow of QUALIFED leads that we actually have relationships with which has lead to numerous clients in my 15 months now of working with Greig


Russ Brown

I was skeptical at first because I was just starting out wanting to help people but now sure how or who to coach. Greig believed in me and helped me find my authentic message and now I enjoy helping others and making a decent living, I can't wait to see where things go in our next 3 months of working together.


Kieron Penrose

If you like no nonsense, actionable, practical advice that gets results then Greig Wells is your man. I was slow to leverage the power of LinkedIn and I thought Facebook was just for family, before because I was always busy trying to do everything myself, but with Greig's strategies I am getting coaching clients from both LinkedIn and Facebook.


Mel West

Greig just gets marketing on another level and then makes it simple for me to implement and have a VA take over the marketing process. Hiring Greig is like having a $250k Chief Marketing Officer working for you and is a great deal to have him as my marketing coach


Linda Lee

I partnered with Greig because of his proven track record generating leads on LinkedIn. He is the best at LinkedIn lead generation. I have seen a lot of success working with him and attending his training and live events., he's the best at LinkedIn marketing.

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